Instructions & Care

To ensure you enjoy your Citizens of the Sun beach umbrella for many long summers we recommend you follow these simple instructions.


Find some sunshine.  We like to dig a hole about 30cms in and screw the base pole in to make your umbrella nice and secure.  You will feel the screw take hold,  then fill the hole in with sand and pat it down nice and tight.  

Unscrew the connector (making sure you don't loose this piece) and attach the canopy pole to the base pole.  Screw the connector until tight.

Hold the pole with one hand and use the other to slide the mechanism up the pole until it clicks into place.  

Sit back and enjoy your day.


Please ensure your beach umbrella is well anchored and if the weather is windy or gusty we recommend collapsing the umbrella to prevent it blowing away or getting damaged. 

Always collapse your umbrella if leaving unattended.

Before storing your umbrella after use, wipe any salt, sand or dirt with a cloth and ensure it is dry before placing it is carry bag.